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Letter to Westminster


Guest post by Gillian of Women for Independence

Imagine that Scotland has always been independent, and that Westminster writes us a letter in 2014…

Dear Scotland,

We have a proposal for you to consider. In short, we would like you to join the United Kingdom. Here’s the deal. First off, we’d like you to give us ALL your tax revenue and in return we’ll give you a proportion back for you to spend on whatever you want. Things might get tighter if the proportion shrinks, but you’ll be able to counteract that by getting rid of free prescriptions, charging tuition fees and selling off bits of the NHS.

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Robin McAlpine & Cat Boyd

Tonight’s Yes event was a huge success, with around 200 people coming out to hear RIC speakers Robin McAlpine and Cat Boyd (along with Deborah Walters of Labour for Independence and Prof. Bryan MacGregor). Video above of Robin’s talk, and below of Cat’s talk. Many thanks to the Yes Aberdeen folk who organised the event, to all the folk who came out, and of course to all the speakers!

Middlefield public meeting


Yesterday’s Middlefield public meeting went very well, loads of local people with great questions and comments, plenty of interesting conversation and even the weather cooperated! Many thanks to everyone who came out!

Here’s a video of part of Sean’s opening remarks:

Which future?


by Kris

The 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum Voting Guide came in the post today. The contrast between the two visions of both campaigns is fairly evident judging by the tones and context.

As a person who is very optimistic about the direction Scotland could go in post-independence and how we have a real once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take responsibility for our future here, every time I read anything from the “No Thanks” lot I just get turned off by the relentless negativity and stultifying arrogance.

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We Need a Brand New Country


by Amie – from her speech at the Seaton public meeting, 26 June 2014

Thanks very much for giving up part of your evening to come along, as let’s face it, there are other things that you could be doing with yourself but instead you’ve chosen to come here and we appreciate that. It means that you WANT to find out more. It means that you’re not apathetic about the future of your country. And it is YOUR country. Not the government’s country, not the bankers’ country, not the rich folks’ county — YOUR country.

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On Scotland’s Military


by Ross and Doug

This past weekend has witnessed two contrasting yet similar military celebrations in Stirling. They have much to tell us about the state of the Independence campaign on both sides.

We have the utmost respect for all those who have put their lives on the line for us now and in the past, but we don’t support militarism or war. Might is not right and we like to think that we live in an age when we should be distancing ourselves from resorting to violence to solve problems. We recognise that we must be able to defend ourselves – the world is a dangerous place – but both celebrations seemed to be at best anachronistic and at worst downright dangerous. The military, past or present, shouldn’t be the focus of jingoistic celebration.

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A Response To George Galloway


by Ross

If Scotland votes Yes in September we will be handing the prize to the people of Scotland. The SNP was only formed in 1934 and the pursuit of Scottish Independence long predates 1707. George Galloway is a curious, and I’m sure uncomfortable, bedfellow for the No campaign, but they seem happy to hail his speech as ‘a landmark oration which could help save the Union’. Here I’ll go through the more notable blunders of his speech and explain why he’s wrong.

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