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We All Want a Better Scotland


by Myshele

Last night I represented RIC Aberdeen in a debate at Robert Gordon University. There were four speakers on each side, and it was an absolute pleasure to speak alongside Ciaran McRae, Kirsty MacDonald, and Christian Allard in favour of a Yes vote. In the course of the hour-long debate (much too short to discuss anything in depth) and conversations afterwards, I was struck by certain arguments on the No side.

I was surprised that the No side agreed with a lot of what we were saying. None of the speakers was a Tory, and none liked the current UK government. None was happy with the status quo, and they all agreed that the system needs fundamental changes. The difference was their belief that change can be achieved by staying in the UK.

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Call to Action


by Sean and Doug, talk given by Sean at our public meeting

Evening everybody. I won’t take up too much time speaking at you; I see my job as stimulating a debate. We want to hear what everyone here tonight thinks.

So, where do we find ourselves at the start of 2014?

The UK is a country on its knees, brought low by successive governments pandering to the rich, whilst blaming the rest of us for its problems. Up to it’s eyeballs in debt as a result of bailing out our casino bankers yet peddling the lie that those at the bottom of the heap are the cause of this financial mess.

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Article from Tilly Tattle


by Simon, published in Tilly Tattle

The Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) is a grassroots movement that campaigns for a ‘Yes’ vote in the Independence Referendum in September 2014. It is the product of a conference held in Glasgow in November 2012 of around 800 individuals from across the political Left – dubbed one of the largest political gatherings in Scotland’s recent history, surpassed only by the Radical Independence Conference in 2013 which attracted more than 1000 people! The purpose of the gathering was to articulate a progressive, sustainable and socially just vision of an independent Scotland that puts people before profit.

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New Year Reflections


by Doug

So 2013 comes to a close and I sit on an island off the West coast, far from the usual chaos of Hogmanay. I’ve got the luxury of a little time to reflect on 2013 and look forward to the coming year.

As I ponder, my thoughts focus on Independence, RIC, the Referendum in September, and the work we have to do. Since the Radical Independence Conference in 2012, the most inspiring political event I’ve ever been to, I’ve been on a rollercoaster ride. It sounds trite, but the conference turned me from someone who wanted change, someone who was politically literate with no plan, into an inspired, budding political activist.

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By Ross

I’ve always been interested in Politics. Politics is everything and everywhere. Apathy is rife though. The Scottish Independence Referendum has really reawakened my activism; specifically the Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) Conference in November. A gathering of mainly left leaning pro Indy groups, including Yes Scotland, the SNP, the SSP, the Scottish Greens, Women For Independence, the Jimmy Reid Foundation, the Commonweal, National Collective and many others! The diversity of people coming together in support of Yes was inspiring, not just from Scotland but around the world.

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