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From the Guardian blog

On the Guardian blog: our last day of pre-referendum canvassing with Ross and Andrew, and comment from RIC activists Myshele and Sean.

Tilly undecideds


With the referendum coming up fast, we’re now revisiting people who were undecided the last time we saw them — in the case of Tillydrone, we last saw these folks between January and March! It’s a bit drier now, and there are lots of new faces among the canvassers. Many thanks to everyone who came out!

P.S. Some folk are still undecided, some have settled on a No, but by far the majority are planning to vote Yes. Some have even already voted!

Tilly Stall & Canvassing



Last night RIC Aberdeen were out in Tillydrone for the last time, with a stall and four teams of canvassers. The stall saw a steady stream of visitors and chats from 5pm, and we encouraged several folks to register to vote. Canvassers reported lots of good conversations, including plenty of undecided voters moving towards voting Yes. Next we’re off to Kincorth!

Public Meeting in Tilly


Despite a last-minute venue change and horrendous weather, more than thirty folk came out for our public meeting in Tilly on National Voter Registration Day, 5th February. There were a lot of new faces, and many people had never been involved in political campaigning before. After an opening statement by Doug, there was a lively roundtable discussion about what independence could mean, how we can make it happen, and how the RIC vision goes beyond independence towards creating a fairer, greener, more equal society. The meeting closed with remarks from Myshele about the potential for social change in a small country, and the joys of canvassing. 

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Canvassing in Tilly


by Jonathan

We were out canvassing in Tillydrone for RIC on Wednesday. I used to visit area regularly 20-30 years ago and though there have been improvements in some parts, the state of the housing infrastructure has generally deteriorated. People on doorsteps were mostly friendly. Some were very interested in the Independence debate and coming along to a meeting. Others have no interest or understanding, or language or other communication problems. A few are decidedly in the No camp, but most are open to debate and ideas. Canvassing is a great way of reaching out to people.

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Brilliant Turnout for Public Meeting & Canvassing


Tuesday night RIC Aberdeen held a public meeting at the Belmont, with 22 people including about a dozen new faces. On Wednesday there were 14 people out canvassing in Tilly – a new record! It’s been wonderful to see more people getting involved, and it’s easy to be enthusiastic with growing support.

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