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Basque Solidarity


RIC activists recently joined Basque and Catalan campaigners in Aberdeen, in solidarity with demands for a referendum on Basque independence from Spain. On 8 June, over 100,000 people formed a 123 km human chain to show the strength of their cause.

Independence and the European Parliament Elections 2014


by Ross

With one eye on the Scottish Independence Referendum and a YES vote in September, I have been deliberating over how to vote in the upcoming European Parliament elections on Thursday 22nd May.  These European elections are really important; to ensure the best voices for Scotland during a crucial period in our history, but also to stop UKIP getting any sort of foothold in Scotland.

Scotland has six seats at present in the European Parliament. We would almost certainly have more as an Independent member state; six is the minimum. Seats are based on ‘degressive proportionality’ since the Lisbon Treaty: that is, smaller states receive proportionally more seats than larger states. An Independent Scotland could expect at least eleven, perhaps even thirteen compared with other similarly sized independent EU member states, such as Denmark or Slovakia. Something to bear in mind.

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