Past Events

please note that some events may be missing!


4 May: Aberdeen May Day march
25 May: People’s Assembly / RIC Aberdeen launch event
6 Jul: Anti-SDL protest (organised by Anti-Fascist Alliance)
7 Jul: Radical Summer event / canvassing training
15 Jul: First canvassing night in Woodside (weekly after this)
3 Sep: Pub Quiz fundraiser
21 Sep: Independence march, Edinburgh
14 Nov: Public meeting, Woodside
20 Nov: First canvassing night in Tillydrone (weekly after this)
23 Nov: 2013 Radical Independence Conference, Glasgow
30 Nov: Equality march (organised by Anti-Fascist Alliance?)


14 Jan: Public meeting, Aberdeen city centre
31 Jan: Appearance on SHMU community radio
6 Feb: Tilly public meeting
11 Feb: Launch of Aberdeen South group
16 Feb: Sunday canvassing in Torry
18 Feb: First canvassing night in Torry (weekly after this)
19 Feb: Continuing Tilly canvassing (weekly)
22 Feb: Street stall, Aberdeen city centre
24 Feb: Filming for German TV piece
24 Feb: Independence debate, Robert Gordon University
14 Mar: Northeast Conversation, Dundee
22 Mar: Street stall & letter collection
26 Mar: Scottish Independence & Internationalism (Festival of Politics event)
29 Mar: Street stall & letter collection
1 Apr: Torry public meeting
5 Apr: Return of letters to the Council
18 Apr: Appearance on SHMU community radio
1 May: Flyering in town + Anti-Fascist Alliance event
3 May: May Day march + speaker at rally
10 May: Inverness RIC conference
18 May: Book launch of Yes: A Radical Case for Independence
8 Jun: RIC speaker at Women for Independence event
8 Jun: RIC speaker at Korova debate
9 Jun: Basque solidarity event
22 Jun: Mass canvass in Seaton
26 Jun: Seaton public meeting
27 Jun: Appearance on SHMU community radio


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