Key Facts & References


The links below are the sources for the figures in our Key Facts sheet, which we’ve put together based on the concerns and questions we hear most frequently on the doorsteps. We’ve specifically chosen information written in clear language, so you don’t have to take our word for it.

The Guardian: The super-rich have grown richer as the majority are squeezed.
The Guardian: Britain’s richest 1% own the same as the bottom 55%.
Huffington Post: Income Inequality Soars With Five UK Families Wealthier Than Bottom 20%.
The Telegraph: Interest payments on UK national debt are £1 billion per week.
The Guardian: British public wrongly believe rich pay most in tax.
BBC News: Food banks see shocking rise in number of users.
International Business Times: FTSE 100 CEO typical pay is 160 times the average UK worker’s pay.
Institute for Fiscal Studies: Survey of the UK Benefits System.
The Guardian Data Blog: UK Benefits & Welfare spending.
Wikipedia: Explanation of the UK Welfare State.
The Telegraph: Cabinet members are worth £70 billion.
New York Times: Myths of austerity by Paul Krugman. The austerity myth – why times are only hard for some.
Wikipedia: Explanation of the Barnett Formula.
BBC News: 820k Scots living in poverty.
Scottish Government: Statistics on poverty and welfare.
The Daily Record: Poverty in Scotland has doubled in the past 30 years.
Wikipedia: Explanation of the Scottish economy.
Scottish Government: Renewable energy facts.
Wikipedia: Explanation of education in Scotland.
BBC News: The NHS privatisation debate.
The Guardian: The (English) NHS is on the brink of extinction.
The Guardian: British forces’ century of unbroken warfare.
The Daily Mail: Military job cuts.
Wikipedia: Explanation of the House of Lords.
The British Monarchy Official Website: The Queen and the Privy Council.
Wikipedia: Explanation of the Privy Council.
Wikipedia: Political scandals in the UK.
BBC: The political battleground & info on swing seats.
Scottish Government: Pensions in an independent Scotland.
Financial Times: EU membership for an independent Scotland.

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