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Rally photos

On Saturday 5 December, around 250 people gathered in Aberdeen to protest the bombing of Syria. After people were invited to sign a ‘not in our name’ banner, there were speakers from Aberdeen CND, RIC Aberdeen, and Aberdeen Anti-Fascist Alliance, plus Christian Allard MSP and Dr Izhar Khan. Members of the public also contributed their thoughts, along with a brilliant poem, which we hope will be posted here soon.


Photos from St Andrew’s Day

On Saturday 28 November, RIC Aberdeen joined many other groups and individuals for an anti-racism event, with the additional message that refugees are welcome here. It was great to see folk from RIC Angus & Mearns, who travelled up for the occasion. Many thanks to the Aberdeen Trades Union Council for organising the march and rally.



#RIC2014 Aberdeen photo


Many thanks to the organisers of this year’s Radical Independence Conference! #RIC2014 was a brilliant day with over 3000 comrades from across Scotland and around the world. For those who missed it, we’ll link to videos of the sessions as they become available. The speeches by Sean and Myshele have their own posts below.

Alternative Media Sources

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SHMU appearance

RIC Aberdeen activist Ross reflecting on the referendum on SHMU’s current affairs show, 19 September 2014.

From the Guardian blog

On the Guardian blog: our last day of pre-referendum canvassing with Ross and Andrew, and comment from RIC activists Myshele and Sean.

Handouts from Alastair’s talk


Apologies for the delay, posting these completely slipped my mind! Above is the ‘social barometer’ image as a jpg – click it for a full size version. You can also download the PDF of the full handout here. Alastair McIntosh distributed these to go with his talk last week on Paths & Pitfalls in Sustaining the Campaign. They’re from Katrina Shields’s book, In the Tiger’s Mouth: An Empowerment Guide for Social Action. 

Let’s build a better Scotland!

Graphic by a talented RIC Aberdeen activist.

RIC on Community Radio

RIC activist Myshele speaking on Aberdeen’s community radio station SHMU fm, 18 April 2014, on the possibilities of independence, undecided voters, and the fun of getting involved:

Public Service Posties


Saturday’s action made the paper! Above is from today’s Press & Journal.

On Saturday, a delegation of RIC activists gathered with Helena Torry, ‘voice of the silent majority,’ to deliver complaint letters to Aberdeen City Council. Councillors Willie Young and Angela Taylor came down to defend the Council’s position, but their arguments fell flat. Only a Yes vote gives us the chance to overhaul this dysfunctional political system.

The full photo album can be found on our facebook page, here.