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Kincorth Canvass


Many thanks to everyone who came out on Wednesday to canvass in Kincorth! (in total 17 people and 2 dogs) Very positive response on the doors, with over 45% Yes, less than 20% No and around 35% Undecided.

Next week we’re starting in Middlefield, hope to see you there!

Get Canvassing!


by David – originally posted on Wee Ginger Dug

When I was wee, I remember two people who came knocking on my mum’s door to sell things. Onion Johnny – who in those innocent days probably really did come from France – sold onions from his bicycle. And the Betterware man sold brushes from an ancient suitcase that would definitely not conform to 21st century branding standards.

Mum was always very polite, and always bought onions, and I think sometimes bought a brush as well – it’s hard to be sure. While everyone in the house ate onions, only mum used brushes. The Betterware man “had a bad war” which is why she bought things from him, and while I have some idea what that means now – I suspect only a few people of this generation truly understand.

Now it’s my turn to knock on doors a couple of times a week selling something to complete strangers.

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Kincorth Canvassing Kickoff!


RIC Aberdeen are now canvassing in Kincorth for the next few weeks, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8:00pm. Lots of positive conversations with residents and lots of new voters registered. Wednesday evening started with heavy rain, but it cleared up almost as soon as we started knocking on doors. Hope you can join us next week!

Tilly Stall & Canvassing



Last night RIC Aberdeen were out in Tillydrone for the last time, with a stall and four teams of canvassers. The stall saw a steady stream of visitors and chats from 5pm, and we encouraged several folks to register to vote. Canvassers reported lots of good conversations, including plenty of undecided voters moving towards voting Yes. Next we’re off to Kincorth!

Mass Canvass Results & Public Meeting

Now that the national results are in (see below), we’re pleased to announce the results of Aberdeen’s mass canvass! More than 1200 doors were knocked in Seaton, and more than 400 people were willing to chat with 62 canvassers. 44% intend to vote Yes, 17% No, and 39% are Undecided.

Canvassers reported that many people started off as Undecided, but after discussing the positive potential of independence, they’d moved firmly to a Yes. This is the pattern we see over and over again – as people get more informed, they move from No, to Undecided, and finally to Yes. Let’s keep up this momentum!

To follow up the canvass, we’re holding a public meeting in Seaton on Thursday night, 26th June, in Dunbar Street Community Hall (AB24 3UJ). We’d love to see you there!

For photos from the day and reflections from a new canvasser, just scroll down to posts from yesterday and today! 

Reflections on the Mass Canvass


by Kris of

It was Friday afternoon and I was reading a post on Facebook about a “Mass Canvass for Scottish Independence” happening in an urban area where my grandmother has lived for most of her life called Seaton.

I’d been admiring the efforts of people I know getting out there and engaging with the public, but up until last week, I had just got into the habit of constantly promoting the idea of independence on Facebook. I felt there was a problem with this approach — I genuinely went through a moment of panic and thought “I need to be doing more!” This Mass Canvass event was the first big step I would have to take. I looked up comments about recent canvassing events, I read about the Radical Independence Campaign and I began doing research to prepare for the dialogue I would be having with people I would canvassing.

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Brighter Evenings for Canvassing!


With light into the evenings, it’s a great time to be canvassing! With just over five months until the referendum, why not join us? Tuesdays in Torry, Wednesdays in Tillydrone – get in touch for more info!

Canvassing in Sunny Torry


There was great weather today for canvassing in Torry; really positive response talking to people about a radical, progressive vision for Scottish Independence!

Canvassing in Tilly


by Jonathan

We were out canvassing in Tillydrone for RIC on Wednesday. I used to visit area regularly 20-30 years ago and though there have been improvements in some parts, the state of the housing infrastructure has generally deteriorated. People on doorsteps were mostly friendly. Some were very interested in the Independence debate and coming along to a meeting. Others have no interest or understanding, or language or other communication problems. A few are decidedly in the No camp, but most are open to debate and ideas. Canvassing is a great way of reaching out to people.

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By Ross

I’ve always been interested in Politics. Politics is everything and everywhere. Apathy is rife though. The Scottish Independence Referendum has really reawakened my activism; specifically the Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) Conference in November. A gathering of mainly left leaning pro Indy groups, including Yes Scotland, the SNP, the SSP, the Scottish Greens, Women For Independence, the Jimmy Reid Foundation, the Commonweal, National Collective and many others! The diversity of people coming together in support of Yes was inspiring, not just from Scotland but around the world.

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