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RIC Aberdeen *Facilitated* (Cross-Party) Land Reform Consultation Proforma

The Scottish Government has asked for responses to the Land Reform Review Group’s recommendations.

Land Reform in Scotland is long overdue. We have fewer people owning more of the land than anywhere else in Europe. To describe the situation as Medieval is chronologically and politically accurate. The Land Reform Review Group’s recommendations are remarkably progressive, but not yet government policy.

The landowners have predictably spent a lot of money submitting their response, defending their privileges. We need as many people as possible to respond to counter their arguments.

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Comments on the Smith Commission & Our Submission


by Ross, Kris and Amanda (crucially with some additional crowdsourcing) and intro by Alex

Compared to the staff William Hague has to look at EVEL, the Smith Commission has hardly any staff and the deadline for Lord Smith of Kelvin to report his conclusions is St Andrew’s Day, so I doubt that any of these non-political party submissions will receive any attention.  I’m not sure if that is the point though.  What I think has been more important has been the general galvanising of groups and individuals to formulate their position on more powers and the sharing of their submissions through social media as a reflection of the breath and vitality of the movement and as a way of comparing what we eventually get offered with the tenor of the different submissions that have been shared online. So I would hope that we will let others know of our submission and of the fact that we consulted those communities we worked in during the referendum.
– Alex

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Mass Canvass tomorrow!!


There’s one last chance to be part of an RIC Aberdeen mass canvass! We’re back to Seaton to revisit voters who were undecided back in June. Meeting Sunday 14 September at 2pm, opposite the shops in School Road, at the foot of the tower blocks. Hope to see you there!!

Tilly undecideds


With the referendum coming up fast, we’re now revisiting people who were undecided the last time we saw them — in the case of Tillydrone, we last saw these folks between January and March! It’s a bit drier now, and there are lots of new faces among the canvassers. Many thanks to everyone who came out!

P.S. Some folk are still undecided, some have settled on a No, but by far the majority are planning to vote Yes. Some have even already voted!

Cummings Park canvassing


More canvassing in Cummings Park, with lots of great conversations. So positive, in fact, that we’re holding an extra canvass session tomorrow (Thursday) – meeting at the Rosehill shops, AB24 4JS (Nisa, bank, takeaways) at 6:30. Hope to see you there!

Cummings Park canvassing


Another sunny evening for canvassing, this time in Cummings Park – many thanks to the twelve folk who came out! Lots of positive conversations and plenty of Yes window signs distributed. Feels like real momentum is building! Same again tomorrow if you’d like to join us, meeting at the Rosehill shops, AB24 4JS (Nisa, bank, takeaways) at 6:30. Hope to see you there!

More Middlefield canvassing


Fourteen people out in Middlefield/Logie tonight, including some new and recently-new canvassers – many thanks to everyone for volunteering your time and energy! We hope to see even more canvassers next week! Keep an eye on the sidebar here or our facebook page for details!