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Upcoming events: October & November

Some upcoming events of interest in Aberdeen & nearby…

Late reflections on sustainable energy event


by David

I thoroughly enjoyed the event held on the last day of the Offshore Europe exhibition where I had spent four days on a stand. An exhibition without a single offshore wind, wave or tidal power exhibit or conference paper.

Alan Owen of Robert Gordon’s University gave a chilling presentation on climate change and the impact renewables could have on the problem. His fact filled analysis was that it is too late. We simply cannot deploy enough green power on time to make a difference.

The good news for Marxists is that he certainly presented a mathematically sound case for capitalism being the death of us. The bad news is – it will be the death of us. And all the animal species not actually in our food chain. As chair I had the chance to ask when he had finished, “So, Malthus will have his revenge then?” His stark reply was, “It looks like it.”

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Excerpt from anti-austerity speech


by Myshele 

[…] It doesn’t matter how you voted last year, or whether you voted at all. If you want to see people treated with dignity and humanity, we’re on the same side.

RIC is not a political party and we don’t endorse any one party, but these issues are political in the widest sense. Social justice. The distribution of wealth. Who gets to decide our priorities as a society.

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Reflections from a refugee’s grandson

quote_2015-09-17by Sam

This is one RIC activist’s reflection on the refugee crisis, in response to this article in the Guardian. Sam’s grandfather went on to become a doctor and help countless people in his adoptive home of Aberdeen.

I’m sorry to always go on about my Grandfather’s experience in the war and his story’s parallels with the current refugee crisis, but as you can imagine it makes this whole thing all the more emotional for me. One of my personal pet-peeves is the idea that helping immigrants or giving aid to other countries is somehow the cause of all the mistreatment of the current UK population.

So let me first of all dispel the myth that the UK was generous and all lovely to Jewish refugees from the Holocaust (let’s forget the other victims of the Holocaust to whom the UK more-or-less turned a blind eye). As the article states, they established a new asylum-seeking process in order to exclude 90% of claimants. To humanise those numbers: my grandfather turned up after repeated failed attempts to escape post-Anschluss Austria. A terrified seventeen-year-old boy and his mother turned up at an airport after seeing the hell that befell their less-fortunate family and friends.

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Photos from Anti-Austerity & Refugees Welcome Demo

Many thanks to everyone who came out to stand against austerity, and to welcome immigrants – especially the fabulous Guarana drummers and brilliant speakers! Special thanks to Community Food Initiatives North East for organising the food bank collection.




Sustainable Energy Event


Many thanks to everyone who came out to chat about sustainable energy on a Friday night, especially our speakers Alan Owen and Maggie Chapman! Really interesting discussion around reducing energy consumption, individual responsibility and systemic change. Audio of the two speakers’ presentations after the jump.

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Anti-Austerity Demo


So far, speakers confirmed from RIC Aberdeen, Aberdeen CND, Future Choices and Community Food Initiatives North East, plus music from Guarana Drummers. Watch this space for more info! Please share widely!

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