Anti-bombing rally

The video above is RIC Aberdeen activist Sean speaking at the anti-bombing rally in St Nicholas Square on Saturday. It’s important to show solidarity with the people in Iraq and Syria who are suffering in this latest round of pointless bombing, and discuss alternatives. Text of Sean’s speech after the jump.

Thank you Jonathan,

I want to start by saying that with or without an alternative solution, bombing Iraq is wrong. It is an indiscriminate attack that will inevitably bring innocent casualties, an attack that will only push more and more people into the hands of groups like IS its an attack that will not work.

RIC are an internationalist group who will always stand on the side of ordinary people wherever they are, and lets be honest the people that this will effect most are ordinary Iraqi citizens. The same people that we have rained misery on for years now, the same people that our foreign policy has displaced across the region, some of whom will, in a desperate search for stability inevitably fall into the hands of groups like IS.

I have to say that we are in no way condoning ISIS, we think that this despicable, murderous group should have no place in the modern world.
But let’s be clear, this situation is a direct result of our last bloody adventure in the region, we created the vacuum that allows groups like ISIS to exist.

When does this stop, when will we draw a line under this blood soaked, futile adventuring at the heels of the United States?

So what can we do, well straight away we could help with the humanitarian crisis, we could reverse the inhuman policy of abandoning refugees, we could help with aid to the region. We could put pressure on the Turkish government to lift the blockade on Kobane, and allow our brothers and sisters in the area to defend themselves and their families against attacks from groups like ISIS.

We need to help remove the base of support from groups like ISIS, so like I have already mentioned we could be giving aid to the region, we all have the same basic needs wherever we live, we could provide on the ground support in the shape of medicine, food and logistics allowing the people to decide what they need and how it should be delivered.

We should, in the long term, be looking at peaceful and lasting solutions, at ways of ending this horrific situation without further bloodshed. Instead of bombs and drones we should be looking for a genuine diplomatic solution that is led by the people on the ground. We need to help empower the people to create stability for themselves.

All of this, is to say nothing about the fact that at the moment we are in the middle of an austerity drive that has decimated our public services, that has 1 in 3 children in some of the areas in our city growing up in poverty and that has our pensioners having to choose between heating and eating.

The bombing is costing us 1.6 million pounds per day, that is enough to pay for hundreds of nurses, carers and teachers and its enough to help provide a decent standard of living for our most needy.

We really have to end this.

Thank you.


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The Radical Independence Campaign sees Scottish independence as the first step towards creating a fairer, greener, more democratic place. RIC Aberdeen are a local campaigning group, ordinary people who want to make a difference. We do canvassing every Wednesday night, along with other events. Please get in touch for more info.

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