Let’s build a better Scotland!

Graphic by a talented RIC Aberdeen activist.



About RIC Aberdeen

The Radical Independence Campaign sees Scottish independence as the first step towards creating a fairer, greener, more democratic place. RIC Aberdeen are a local campaigning group, ordinary people who want to make a difference. We do canvassing every Wednesday night, along with other events. Please get in touch for more info.

2 responses to “Let’s build a better Scotland!”

  1. Janice Sinclair says :

    We are going to have to work harder than ever to achieve success because there is so many dirty tricks from the Unionists and their powerful cronies and we will have to try and expose them as the cheats they are! I think things are going to get really nasty and we’ll have a fight on our hands at every turn to prove the real truth of what they’re doing I’m with you all the way to make sure we get justice Janice Sinclair

  2. Janice Sinclair says :

    Ok Freedom for Scotland !

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