Facts & Figures


by David

The debate is full of numbers and statistics. To me, two of them define the nature of Britain today.

First: there are 3,250 staff at DWP investigating benefit fraud of £1.2 billion. There are 300 staff at HMRC investigating tax evasion of more than  £70 billion. You can do the sums. It shows where the priorities lie.

Second: The Trident replacement project to renew Britain’s “First Strike” nuclear capability will cost £100 billion pounds. Hard to imagine how big that number is. Of course there is no “genocide cap” on that cost, unlike the benefit cap imposed by over 500 Westminster MPs. To put the number in perspective, a new teaching hospital 25% bigger than ARI costs about £500 million. So we will spend the amount of money that would build 200 teaching hospitals to renew our weapons of mass destruction.

This is not the country I want to live in. For the first time in my life I think I can do something about it through the democratic process.

That’s why I am voting yes, and why I want to encourage others to do so.


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About RIC Aberdeen

The Radical Independence Campaign sees Scottish independence as the first step towards creating a fairer, greener, more democratic place. RIC Aberdeen are a local campaigning group, ordinary people who want to make a difference. We do canvassing every Wednesday night, along with other events. Please get in touch for more info.

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